Zipporah Eric threatens to slap Myello with a defamation suit

A past photo of singer Zipporah eric. She has threatened to file a legal suit against Myello. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Kamba Gospel Artist Zipporah Eric has threatened to sue Justus Myello if he does not offer a publicized apology and pay damages following a leaked audio recording allegedly between Myello and Rachael Kay.

In a letter addressed to Myello by Zipporah’s lawyers, the singer is being accused of publishing false information to the public through an audio where he claimed that the female singer was having an affair with Musyi FM presenter Samuel Mutuku alias Kavwele so that her music could be played on-air and that the singer had contacted HIV from the presenter.

“On 24th November 2020, you authored and published on social media and other online platforms an audio clip wherein you are heard making utterances in a phone conversation with one Rachel Kay saying that our client had been having an affair with one Samuel Mutuki of Musyi Fm and they had sired a child,” read the letter in part.

“That the said Samuel Mutuku” kavwele” was HIV positive person, therefore, our client had ostensibly contracted HIV out of her alleged relationship with the said person, our client had been maintaining a sexual relationship with the said Samuel Mutuku in order for her music to get airplay as well as saying our client was an unattractive person and was too skinny of any relationship with a man,” The letter went on.

According to the letter, Myello has now been asked to author an apology to Zipporah Eric and publish it on social media and pay for damages caused to her from the time that the audio went public where Zipporah claims that she was humiliated given that she is a gospel singer.

“Therefore our instructions are to demand you immediately author an acceptable apology to our client and cause the same to be published in similar platforms as was published your damaging clip as well as all Kamba FM Stations and also make an acceptable offer for amends for the damage caused to our client as a result of despicable actions failure to that we shall carry on with our legal proceedings without further reference to you,” The letter added.

In the recording that has gone viral allegedly between Myello and Rachael Kay, Myello allegedly admitted to cheating with Rachael Kay and tagged other artists among them Zipporah Eric and a renown radio presenter. The recording has since caused a huge uproar on social media with a lot of fans questioning some of Ukambani gospel artists.

The suit comes just a day after Myello made peace with Kavwele and they jointly released a video dismissing the recording as propaganda and reiterated their salvation.

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