You have no ability to lecture anyone about family – Mbui hits at Mutua

Kathiani MP Robert Mbui addressing the press after a church service at AIC Kasina Mlolongo. (Photo - Mwangangi)

Kathiani MP Robert Mbui has told off Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua just days after he said the Wiper party was bringing family matters in politics and using politics to settle family feuds by giving the ticket to Johnson Muthama ex-wife Agnes Kavindu.

According to Mbui, Mutua’s remarks were neither here nor there because Muthama who was married to Kavindu had not complainer about the decision by Wiper to nominate her.

The Kathiani MP who was speaking after a Sunday service at AIC Kasina Mlolongo noted that no one in Ukambani had successfully joined politics without going through Kalonzo Musyoka.

“No one in Ukambani has been successful in politics without going through Kalonzo’s hands. How then does it become that the party is bad? “He questioned.

“How is it now that Chap Chap folks are purporting to talk on behalf of Muthama. They are talking as who because Muthama has not complained?. Chap Chap leader Mutua who was in Wiper has no ability to lecture anyone on Matters family. Kavindu is a leader and a preacher. ” The Kathiani MP added.

Machakos Senatorial aspirant Agnes Kavindu Muthama stood her ground and brushed off claims that she had been coerced into joining and getting Wiper Party Ticket to run for senator in Machakos County.

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