World Bee Day 2021 Celebrated In Kitui County

Honey products being displayed during World Bee day celebrations in Kitui. (Photo -Courtesy)

The world bee day 2021 celebration was held at Kitui Stadium where the theme of the day was “Bee engaged, build back better for bees.” Bees play a vital role in pollinating plants, increasing production, and producing honey that we all enjoy regularly. Kitui County has over 5,000 beekeepers with more than 150,000 beehives and 10 bee cooperative societies.

The event was graced by Kitui CECM for Livestock, Apiculture, and Fisheries Meshack Muthusi who represented the Governor and Kenya Livestock Director Bashir Elmi among other guests.

Co-hosts of the event were Trocaire, Nyuki Hubs, Caritas Kitui, and Kenya National Beekeeping Institute. Several bee farmers across the country were showcasing their Honey products.

TrĂ³caire has been collaborating with the beekeeping groups to serve and get the attention of the government and other stakeholders. Trocaire urged the residents of Kitui to accept revolutionary interventions and put an end to the use and promotion of bee-killing pesticides.

Through the Build Back Better program, they are focusing on vulnerable beekeepers, especially women. After Covid-19 wreaked havoc on Kenya’s agribusiness market, affecting all beekeepers Building Back Better has been providing assistance to beekeepers in their recovery and adaptation to the pandemic.

The stakeholders urged everyone to take responsibility in developing and enforcing policies that promote agroecology. Agroecology reduces pollinator risk by improving beneficial contact and incorporation between plants, livestock, trees, water, and soil.

The county government promised to allocate more resources which will, in turn, benefit the beekeepers and help improve the economy of the country at large. In April, The County Government of Kitui revealed plans to order molds to make beehives from South Africa

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