Wiper Party Criticizes Ruto’s Approach to Youth Engagement

The Wiper Party has expressed strong disapproval of President William Ruto’s strategy to engage with Kenyan youth as a means to quell ongoing anti-government demonstrations.

In a statement released to media outlets on Wednesday, the opposition-aligned party argued that the current administration misunderstands the core message of Generation Z protesters, which they summarize as a demand for “action now.”

Wiper officials contend that President Ruto’s push for dialogue with youth representatives is not the right call. Instead, they urge the government to address the underlying issues that have fueled recent protests directly.

The party emphasized that mere meetings with selected youth representatives would be insufficient to resolve the current unrest. They called on the President to take concrete steps to tackle the concerns raised during the demonstrations, suggesting that direct action, rather than discussions, is what the younger generation seeks.

“In terms of the Gen Z revolution, it appears that Ruto lacks an understanding of public sentiment. Generation Z does not wish to engage in dialogue. They want action, and Wiper agrees,” the party statement read.

The party argues that Kenya now needs decisive action. Therefore, the party is calling for the implementation of concrete solutions. In essence, they are pushing for tangible results rather than further discussions.

To support their position, Wiper officials pointed to the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO), formed in the previous year to address concerns surrounding the Finance Bill 2023. They argue that despite NADCO’s recommendations, the process ultimately failed to address the pressing needs of Kenyan citizens at that time. Drawing parallels to the current situation, the party insists that the government should focus on implementing specific demands of Generation Z, rather than engaging in further discussions.

These demands, according to Wiper, include the immediate posting of medical interns, Dissolution of the current Parliament, and Dismissal of corrupt government officials.

The Wiper party contends that addressing these issues directly would be more effective in resolving the country’s current crises than initiating new dialogues or forming committees. This stance underscores the party’s belief in the need for concrete action to meet the expectations of Kenya’s youth and address broader societal concerns.

“The current situation in Kenya could have been avoided if the regime had addressed rising living costs and implemented the National Dialogue Committee findings. You don’t need dialogue. Dialogue is not required to assess public debt because the Auditor General’s Office has the same role,” the statement read on.

This critique from the Wiper party highlights the growing tension between the government’s approach to handling youth dissent and the opposition’s view on how to address the root causes of the protests.

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