Wiper MCAs in Makueni dare Kibwana to resign from Wiper

Makueni Governor Prof. kivutha Kibwana at a past event. Wiper MCAs in Makueni have dared the Governor to quit the party and seek fresh mandate on another party. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

A section of MCAs from Makueni County- Patrick Mbevi MCA Kilungu ward, nominated MCAs Magdalene Mulwa, Albanas Wambua and Mbula Mutula while addressing members of the press in Wote accused Governor Kibwana of disrespecting the wiper party which he was voted in.

They revealed that Kibwana was reelected as the Makueni governor because he contested under a wiper party ticket. In June 2019 while speaking at Kwa Kathoka, the Governor said that he would still have been voted in even if he used a different party.

Magdalene Mulwa, Nominated Wiper MCA and Deputy Majority whip in Makueni County Assembly lauded the wiper party citing it is firm in Makueni and if not so, Kibwana could not have become a governor in 2017 general elections.

“As deputy majority whip, I want you to quit wiper and contest with another party you wish, so that you may understand wiper is strong in Makueni County. If it were not for wiper you could not win! Makueni people will confirm this to you once you return the ticket,” she said.

On Kibwana’s remarks that he will have a say on who will be elected in 2022 in Makueni county, Mrs. Mulwa dismissed the remarks saying Makueni people know the person who they will vote as Governor in 2022, adding that he will be shocked his successor coming from Wiper Party in 2022.

“You are not the one to make the decision on who people will vote for, they already know their Governor and will be elected through wiper party ticket. I warn you to stop disrespecting wiper party, it has given you a ticket that you are using today to feed yourself,” she warned Makueni Governor.

Kilungu MCA Patrick Mbevi urged leaders in Makueni to stand with the truth and serve the interest of Makueni people who voted for them and avoid being misled by political movements saying this is time for developments but not what Governor has been emphasizing (politics).

“Many leaders here in Makueni stand with the truth, let them serve the interest of Makueni people knowing that the power to remove or elect leaders of their choice in 2022 lies with the people,”he advised

This comes just days after Governor Kibwana warned Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo to respect him and said that the wiper party is no longer the dominant party in Makueni.

“Wiper is not even that popular in Makueni. In 2022, people will know that wiper and Kalonzo is not in Makueni because they have not helped people in any way development-wise. When we question this we are told that we are insulting Kalonzo.” Kibwana said earlier.

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