Wiper is the biggest impediment to development in Ukambani – Governor Ngilu

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has again criticized the Wiper Party saying that elected leaders from the Wiper party have derailed development in Ukambani and they should not be voted again by the people.

Speaking at Kanyangi, Kitui Rural constituency, during issuing cheques for organized groups, Ngilu stated that Wiper MCAs were at the forefront of opposing bills concerning the development of Kitui.

Ngilu hit out at the Wiper fraternity, alleging that no leader has ever delivered remarkable development to the people of Kitui more than she has done.

“From the time I got into leadership, there is no one who can compare their development in Kitui with mine. Even the previous leaders and that’s why I’m saying everyone should be evaluated according to what they did to the people. This money I’m bringing to the people I asked for it three years ago, but the county assembly never passed it at that time,” she said.

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She added that Wiper MCAs gave her a hard time since they opposed most of her proposals for the benefit of the Kitui residents; thus, nobody should vote for them again.

“I humbly ask you where you hear something called Wiper just get out of there because Wiper has messed us in Ukambani. I found out it’s like it was a planned thing because even in Makueni, the Wiper MCAs gave Governor Kibwana a hard time,” Ngilu cautioned locals.

She called upon Kitui residents not to be influenced by anyone to vote for any party but rather the individual development record.

In a statement that hit out at Wiper Leader Kalonzo, who was Kenya’s Vice President at one time, she stated that Kalonzo feared asking for resources for the Ukambani people. At the same time, Ngilu claimed she was building Kitui town since she was a member of parliament at that time.

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