Why construction of Kibwezi – Kitui road has left tears for Mutomo residents


Locals in Kanzua hills, Mutomo in Kitui county are a unhappy lot after the Chinese contractor doing the Kibwezi Kitui road in conjunction with local provincial administration failed to honor the promise to pay them for the stones and other road construction materials acquired from their land. A public baraza was held with locals and the sub county administration leadership, local chief and the contractor. The names of the locals who’s land had the materials were picked while they hoped for compensation but according to a source some received compensation while others did not.

Later, the contractor began the extraction. Many locals could not suspect how they had been duped and who received money from the contractor meant for them. Sources privy to the matter from the area who did not like to be mentioned accused the chief and the DC of changing names of beneficiaries to the compensation and leaving the honest land owners while compensating some of their friends.

They had also agreed that all trees, land, and everything affected by the extraction will be paid but locals are yet to receive that to date. Most of their houses have been damaged as a result of the mining, some of the children seem to be not doing well as far their health is concerned. After contacting the chief, he refers the locals to the contractor and the DC and they keep being taken in rounds. The locals have pleaded with the county government to pick up the matter.

The local chief later told the locals that they would not receive any compensation as the materials belonged to the government. A section of local MCA’s condemned the move while saying it was unfair and that all minerals in the county belonged to the area and sinohydro had to purchase them and receive free.

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    • What a thinking. Petty compensation? You are the people who hurt to see your neibor taking his hen to the market ! Y would u imagine the kambas should just give their land to gova free?

  1. If the residents don’t possess land acquisition documents,then it may be difficult to claim compensation such land belongs to govt

  2. It is very bad if this can happen before the full knowledge of the DCC.
    Member of Parliament should pick up the matter and run with it.


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