Why Mulango Vocational Training Center staff are at risk of losing their Jobs

At least 23 workers from Mulango vocational training center in Kitui central, Kitui county, are on the verge of losing their jobs after the institution is upgraded from Vocational Training Center (VTC) to Technical Vocational College (TVC).

The workers said the institution will be handed over from the county government to the Ministry of Education on Friday 5th August 2022. They have not received official communication about whether the new management will absorb them.

Dorothy Musembi, one of the workers, claimed that they had sent letters to the Ministry of Education, labour office Kitui, and paralegal network Kitui to know their fate. Still, they never got any reply from the institutions.

“Our school was in the process of being upgraded to Technical College, and the process is almost over, but we fear that when the current Board of Management hands over to the next management, we won’t have a place at the institution. That’s why we want the relevant authority to address the issue because we are confused, some of us have stayed there for over five years employed on a permanent basis.” Dorothy said.

We want to know whether we will continue working there when the school is upgraded. We welcome the upgrading of the school because it is for the benefit of the learners and the community, and thus we can’t in any way deny the upgrading but what we want is to know whether our jobs are secure before the next management takes over,” She narrated.

The workers demanded that the handing over be stopped since they don’t know whether the management that will take over will employ them.

“We have been getting information verbally from different people that we might be absorbed, we are yet to get any formal communication from the Ministry of Education, we have families who are depending on us, and we fear that we might lose our jobs because we have not been introduced to the Board of Management that will take over from Friday 5th. That’s why we have been pushing for written communication to know our fate because all the 23 workers in the event we lose our job, it will be a blow to us,” Ronald Nzusi, a teacher from the vocational center, added.

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