Why Makueni lacks true development 10 Years after Devolution – Senatorial Candidate Mbau

Makueni senatorial candidate Patrick Mbau says the county has lacked true development because many leaders are handpicked.

Speaking at Kibwezi, Mbau noted that some of the vocal and dominant leaders have taken the role of forcing some leaders on the people. Due to this when these leaders are elected they fail to discharge their duties diligently as expected.

He called on political parties to let the people decide who to vote for without being imposed.

“What has contributed to lack of development in Makueni is because our leaders are chosen by other leaders. They come here with big choppers and ask you to vote for certain leaders to be Senators or Governors and that should stop,” Mbau said.

“It has been ten years since devolution but our county has little to show for it and all this can change if we elect our leaders based on their agenda and plans for us,” he added.

The first-time senatorial candidate noted that the leaders need to team up in a bid to elevate development stating that when leaders speak in one voice development can be achieved.

He promised to ensure that the aged under the Inua Jamii program get their monthly stipends from the government without fail.

“These are the people who fought for our freedom and we cannot be here if not for them. They need to be taken care of as other countries do,” he added.

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