Why Kibwezi-Kitui road construction has enslaved Kisayani residents

A past photo of Kibwezi Kitui road being constructed at Kisayani. (Credit -Courtesy)

Residents of Kisayani in Makueni County and whose houses were demolished to pave way for the construction of Kibwezi-Kitui road have decried lack of compensation from the government. They lamented that it has been two years since the project began but they have not been compensated to date.

Led Simon Kiilu they said that they cannot move from the area because they have no money to relocate. He added that they have taken another turn and they are now forced to live with cracked houses until the government hears their cry.

“Our plots were marked for demolition to pave way for the construction of the road. It has been two years and nothing has been done yet. We are asking the government to Fast track the compensation so that we can go on with our lives,” said Kiilu.

Kiilu told our reporter that some of the residents were forced to close down their businesses rendering them jobless.

“They are now at crossroads wondering whether they should renovate their cracked houses or wait for the government to fulfill its promise of compensation” he added.

Locals are afraid that their houses will be demolished before they are compensated and be left in the cold.

“We have seen how houses have been demolished in Nairobi. we are asking if there is something to be given to us to be given fast in order for us to restructure our lives. Our houses developed cracks due to the excessive machine work on the road.”

Sammy Kivasu, a resident added that it was unfair for the construction to begin before they are fully compensated.

“They called us for a meeting at Kasayani market and apologised for beginning the construction before we were compensated and told us to be patient we will be compensated before the road is halfway done.” Kivasu said.

Kivasu further noted that before the project began, an evaluation was done but the amounts they were to get were reduced early this year. They now have no clue what amount they expect.

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  1. I think they should not have allowed construction to begin before compensation…. otherwise let them seek assistance of a lawyer…


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