We won’t allow you to rig Machakos by-election as you did in 2017 – Kalonzo fires at Mutua

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka addressing faithfuls at AIC Kyamutheke, Machakos . (Photo -Hillary/Mauvoo)

Wiper party leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka has said that they will not allow Machakos Senatorial By-election to be rigged by Governor Alfred Mutua alleging he rigged the 2017 Gubernatorial poll that was contested up to the supreme court.

Kalonzo also warned Machakos county employees who were planning to work in the By-election as IEBC officials saying they will be identified and action taken.

“Without rigging Kavindu’s votes she is the next senator and we are talking under 3 weeks. In all sub-counties she is over 70 percent whoever is following her is 20 percent. Tanga Tanga have given up and started blaming each other.” Kalonzo said.

“Kavindu’s votes will not be stolen. If there is a Machakos county employee who has registered to be an IEBC official, let him remove themself before they are removed. The whole country will be watching.” The Wiper party leader warned.

“No one doesn’t know Governor Mutua won in 2013 properly, 2017 the whole world knows Mutua didn’t defeat Wavinya. Don’t think the way you stole in 2017 you will rig Kavindu’s votes. This time round I’m asking all the MCAs to get the most trusted agents who cannot be compromised.” He added.

Kalonzo also told off Raila after he claimed that he will not be endorsing any NASA member because they failed to stand with him during the mock swearing-in at Uhuru park adding that he only requires God’s endorsement.

Transport CAS Wavinya Ndeti requested locals to vote for their Wiper candidate adding that Kavindu will take Machakos to another level.

Kalembe Ndile went on and revealed that it was wise for Machakos people to elect a leader who will fight for their rights and needs saying that Kavindu fits for the senatorial position come 18th March.

Newly appointed labour CAS Musyoka Kalla thanked Kalonzo for referring him to the president revealing that he was proud to be CAs. Moreover, he requested all to aboard the only bus moving in the right direction which was Wiper.

The Wiper senatorial aspirant Agnes Kavindu addressing the faithful at A.I.C Kyamutheke also requested locals to vote for her saying that God’s preparation was best.

Kalonzo was accompanied by Kathiani MP Robert Mbui , Machakos Women Rep Joyce Kamene Kasimbi, Matungulu MP Stephen Mule, Kilome MP Eng. Nzambia, Kitui Women Rep Irene Kasalu among other leaders.

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