Wavinya’s warning shot to newly appointed chief officers

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has issued a warning to the 26 newly appointed Machakos chief officers.

Speaking in Machakos, Wavinya told the officers to do their work diligently lest they are sent packing.

“Just do the right thing, it does not matter what people say. Don’t be someone who panics after a few lies have been told about them. If you come to my office because of such you will pack and go home,” She said.

Wavinya noted that she aims to elevate Machakos and make it a model county that others will admire.

The outspoken governor observed that since she was elected her focus has been to deliver to the people of Machakos without minding the naysayers.

“We have been delivering whether they like it or not. I began work without Ministers or chief officers but the people I found and I will continue doing my work whether they like it or not, “Wavinya added.

She said her 2023 plans are based on accessing clean water for the locals, good roads, and affordable healthcare.

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