Water supply in Emali and Mulala to be restored following Makueni County Assembly intervention

Makueni Water CECM appearing before the General Oversight committee of Makueni County assembly to respond to the issues of Water shortage in Emali and Mulala areas. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Water Supply to Emali and Mulala areas is set to be restored by Saturday (October 10th). This is according to Makueni Water CECM Rosemary Maundu who was grilled by Makueni County Assembly General oversight committee Wednesday on the matter.

The Water CECM noted the cause of the delay in repairs of the Emali-Mulala pipeline was due to adherence to procurement procedures. The pipeline had a leakage at Muuoni river.

On the 24th of September, Makueni County Assembly Speaker Douglas Mbilu directed the Water Committee to fast track and ensure that the Department of Water in the County repaired the broken water pipeline, within 24 hours at Muuoni river which had caused the water shortage.

Mbilu had threatened to adjourn the assembly until such a time when residents of Emali/Mulala will access their right to water supply.

“If senate adjourned sittings because senator Malala was arrested, the people of Mulala lacking water is even a bigger reason for this house to adjourn. We can adjourn until such a time, Emali/Mulala residents get back water supply.” The speaker threatened.

According to the statement by Member for Emali/Mulala Ward, the area has faced Water shortages in the past months due to the broken water pipeline.

On the 25th of August 2020, Nicodemus Muthoka Emali/Mulala ward MCA requested a statement from the Water, irrigation and sanitation committee on the water shortage in Emali and Mulala areas.

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