Video: Drama as Mutooni takes on Katungwa after fallout

Controversial US-based social media sensationalist Fredrick Kimanzi Mutooni has spilled the beans about his fallout with gospel artist Roseline Katungwa.

Mutooni who was a big fan of the artist took to TikTok to give the reasons for their fall out with the gospel artist. He said Katungwa allegedly insulted his woman by referring to her as a thief.

“Shame on you, before I met that girl, I chose her over you.Asiyekubali kushindwa si mshindani,”said Mutooni.

Katungwa tried to defend herself through the Tiktok but Mutooni silenced her claiming that he had sent thirty thousand shillings to the artist.

“Katungwa I respect you but was shocked when you abused Francisca, my woman,” Mutooni went on.

Mutooni reiterated that Katungwa should apologize to Francisca in public. Katungwa went on and said has no reason to apologize to the lady.

Mutooni further explained how he stood with Katungwa when she had her videos leaked through social media.

“I sacrificed my life because of you. When you were being insulted by Masekete, Kasolo, and everyone I fought for you. And now you’re insulting my woman?” Mutooni questioned.

Watch the video below;


KATUNGWA NA MUTOONI KUUMANGANA NAI Mutooni throws unprintable words to Roseline Katungwa 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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