Use BBI to reunite with your first wife, Mwala MP to Mutua

Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musyoka at Muthetheni. Musau told off Mutua and told him to use BBI to reunite with his wife. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Days after Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua hit out at Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musyoka for supporting William Ruto and opposing the BBI, the youthful MP has fiercely fought back asking Mutua to use BBI to reunite with his wife,

Musau spoke while at Ngamba Primary School in Muthetheni, Mwala constituency for a development tour. It was in the same ward that Mutua accused the Mwala MP of following William Ruto for ‘blood money’ and always attending functions in the constituency.

“When things go wrong I must speak, there is anger getting some people when they remember they have failed in their work. When they are reminded that they begin getting annoyed. I hear I was called so many names here in Muthetheni.” he said.

Ndyitwa Kamundu ka syathi (a person of functions). I go to functions because there is a need. I will go to functions, build schools, etc. Even if it is a funeral I will go. The bible says we mourn with those who are mourning. Some people say they can’t go to funerals because they smell bad, let them mind their own business and forget about Kawaya.” The Mwala MP added.

The Mwala MP asked Mutua not to dictate him and tell him which functions he should go to or who he should keep as friends. He added that for leaders, their talk should not be childish. He further asked locals to forgive Muthetheni MCA Jeremiah Munguti and Alfred Mutua as they didn’t know what they were doing.

“I was not sent by Mwala People to go bring them BBI but bursaries and Development. If a person has a problem let him reunite with his family first. He needs BBI more than I do. Maybe it can reunite him with his first wife. What I need now is more bursaries for my students. ” The MP fired.

The MP reiterated that he had no time for nonsense but was focused on development saying that despite the county having over 20 billion budget, locals have never benefitted from bursaries but he has been able to give bursaries every year with his 80 million budget.

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