‘Unite or lose to Ruto’, inside Ngilu’s fiery speech at Kalembe’s burial

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu addressing mourners at Kalembe's burial in Mbui Nzau. (Photo- CN)

During the burial of Kalembe Ndile at Mbui Nzau in Kibwezi on Friday (11th) Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu did not mince her words. Ngilu told Kalonzo, Raila, and other leaders present to their face to unite or lose to Ruto in next year’s general election.

“Since 1997 I have tried to be president, Raila and Kalonzo as well. I’m sure you know no one can be president alone. If you don’t unite that person (Ruto) will defeat you and we don’t want to go to wheelbarrows. It is important. In 2002 when we united we send Moi home. “Ngilu said amidst cheers from mourners.

“For how long will we stay out of Government. There is nothing for us in the budget. Kalonzo and Raila we are inside the handshake we also want some goodies. We must talk.” She added.

She further said that Kalonzo was the best-suited Ukambani leader to be president.

“Ukambani leaders we must speak in one voice. Mutua, you are good to be president. Kalonzo you are the best. There is no time now. We must sit and talk. I will try and see if I can unite the Ukambani leaders. ” Ngilu went on.

Ngilu also recalled one incident during a funeral attended by President Moi and senior Provincial administration then, Kalembe stood up and told Moi to his face that a PC and other Government officials were grabbing land. She said she almost stood to tell Kalembe that he would be hanged.

“In 1998 at the funeral of Sumbi, the young man told Moi that his leaders were grabbing land and people’s property. I almost stood to tell him such remarks could not be said there. When he finished and went to his seat I went and told him to flee as he was going to be killed. He ran and Kibwana hid him in a ceiling somewhere. He was a fearless man.” Ngilu narrated.

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