Ukambani Governors working with Raila to be protected from arrest – Kiio

A section of Ukambani Governors (Alfred Mutua and Charity Ngilu) with NASA leader Raila Odinga at a past meetup in Nairobi (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Kitui Senator Enoch Wambua has said that Ukambani Governors are now working with Raila Odinga so that he saves them from arrest and prosecution over corruption.

Speaking after a Sunday service at St. Augustine Nguutani Catholic Church, Mwingi West the senator dismissed Raila and the trio that in the coming days, the 3 Governors will be arraigned and jailed and he will have no one to work with from the region.

“Ukambani Governors, none of them is not facing serious corruption allegations. The truth is that they are running to Raila so that he gives them protection. I want to tell Raila and the three of them that one day they are going to be taken to court and Raila will have no one to work within Ukambani.” Kiio said.

“It is not like they are going to work with Raila to defend the interest of our community. No! They are the enemies of our people.”

Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)

On the BBI, Kiio said that he was not going to support it was about creating positions for Raila Odinga.

“Let the BBI report come Tuesday, once we read it we will see what it says. But if the BBI is for creating positions, for Raila and Uhuru i will oppose it as Kitui Senator.” Kiio noted.

Wiper – ODM fallout

“It is now very clear that Raila is not together with us – Wiper, the Kamba Community and Kalonzo Musyoka. We can not force him to work with us. Let him not expect that we will support him in anything.” a tough speaking Kiio threatened.

The Kitui senator announced that Wiper Party will be meeting in the coming week to discuss the fallout and the way forward.

“One of the people we are going to work with is definitely not Raila, he has disrespected our leader and the community.”

Kiio remarks come a day after ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna revealed that ODM does not have a relationship with Kalonzo Musyoka. Sifuna even noted that Raila no longer picks Kalonzo’s phone calls.

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