Tweep Maverick Aoko roasts CS Malonza

Tourism Cabinet Secretary Penina Malonza has come under sharp criticism from Tweep Maverick Aoko over an alleged wardrobe malfunction.

Taking to her page, Aoko admonished the CS for her blowsy dressing citing that she dresses like a Kamba. Her post was followed by a photo of Malonza wearing a black skirt and jungle green blouse

She did not stop there but castigated Malonza’s speech calling her incoherent in thought and speech.

She noted that women appointed by Ruto to the cabinet need to up their dressing game as an image is very important that is why there is Public Relations.

Hawa Wamama Rais aliweka kwa Cabinet in the name of Gender Parity, they need to up their game. Image is inexorable from the art of Governance. That’s why we have PR. Huyu kwanza is incoherent in thought and speech but, no one is perfect,  at least, si asivae kama Mkamba sana pliz?” read her post.

The post elicited mixed reactions from her fans most of whom thought she was being unfair with her attacks and that she should evaluate her based on her work not dressing.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter users;

It’s Namufweri wrote, “You forget that these ladies are in cabinet to work and not to impress men, their work is not to sell beauty or maybe you are mistaking their work with the work you were doing in ODM, this is UDA government, not ODM.”

“Stop your pettiness and evaluate the CS after her tenure. What is she lacking in her appearance?” said Mbithi MG.

“I wonder, what was this madam’s contribution that made her get a CS position, what was/is she good at? She was just a Deputy Governor! Or?” said Kim Muthuri.

Uuwwii Leo umeamka na vawulence. Haribu hawa watu wajifunze kuvaa. The year is 2050 na watoi wao watavaa hivi. Aoko the reality speech. No wonder wazungu wanaeka wazee wetu kwa bus,” said another follower, Neymamo Yasin.

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