Transport paralyzed In Mwala constituency after heavy rains

A truck stuck at Mwala -Kyawango road. Mwala residents have asked their MP to intervene following the bad state of roads. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Transport in section of Mwala Constituency has been paralyzed following heavy rains. Residents led by the Chairman of Contractors in Machakos County Kilei Mutinda have urged Mwala Mp Vincent Musyoka and Department of Roads in Machakos County Government to repair the roads as they are impassable and are hindering trade and transportation of goods.

Mr. Kilei while Speaking at Yathui revealed that boda bodas were also affected by the bad roads adding that transport in the area was now a nightmare and some have to trespass through land owned by individuals to avoid getting stuck.

“County Government and our elected leaders, especially our MP, we want him to check on our roads since many of them have been destroyed by heavy rains we have experienced in Mwala and ukambani at large.” Kilei urged.

“The roads are seriously damaged. For example the road from Wamunyu Junction to Lema is really bad and impassable. Water is full in the road and Boda boda riders and Matatu operators are in major problem and have to use other roads.”He added.

The road from Kivandini through Miseleni to Mbiuni is bad as well. “I used the road the other day and there is a section that is impassable when you reach Kwa ndoo. We respectfully ask our roads to be repaired so that even when it rains boda bodas and vehicles can still use the roads.”

Last weekend, residents of Joska and Muthwani at the border of Machakos and Nairobi Counties demonstrated over the poor state of roads in the area which have been made worse by the ongoing rains.

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