Traders in Vota town, Machakos protest police harassment


Business Owners and Traders in Vota, Katheka Kai, Machakos county have accused the police of constantly harassing them. According to some of the business owners who spoke to our Machakos reporter on condition of anonymity, the police have been targeting bar owners, Miraa sellers and Boda Boda operators. The owners also informed us that the police said that drinking and taking Miraa was not allowed in the town and they were enforcing that.

The police raids have greatly affected business in the town especially for the entertainment joints. Boda Boda operators however claim that they should be allowed to operate as they have no relationship with the bars. The area assistant chief called on the traders to embrace dialogue if there were any challenges and to avoid confrontations with the police officers as it was painting a bad picture of the town.

So far over 5 traders from the town have been arrested and taken to court for allegedly going against the towns ‘rules’. They questioned the authority behind their arrests. Vota town has for the last few years been the only town in the country without a bar. Vota town also homes the magnificent chrisco church.

Early this month Machakos chamber of commerce chair Simon Kitheka was arraigned in court for allegedly blocking police from raiding a bar at Vota town illegally and inciting traders in the town against the Assistant Deputy county commissioner Vota Mr. Saitoti.

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