Till death! Drama as Ndeke Refuses to Forgive Former PA

In the latest drama to hit the gospel music scene, Ken Kijana, known by his stage name Ndeke ya Muthanga, has firmly stated that he will not forgive his former personal assistant, Mweene Kaneeni.

Despite attempts by fellow gospel singer Stephen Kasolo to mediate, Ndeke remains resolute in his stance. After a public reconciliation with Kasolo, Ndeke made his feelings clear.

“I will forgive him when Satan dies,” Ndeke declared, dismissing any appeals to biblical forgiveness. “Don’t tell me about the Bible; we will sort that out when we go to heaven.”

Kasolo, who had previously been in a feud with Ndeke but recently mended fences, tried to extend an olive branch on Mweene’s behalf.

However, Ndeke refused, insisting that Mweene Kaneeni must apologize in person.

“I am an anointed person,” Ndeke stated. “Let him come and apologize, then I can forgive him. I never did him any wrong.”

Fans and fellow artists in Ukambani are eagerly watching to see if Mweene Kaneeni will take steps to apologize and possibly heal the rift.

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