Thugs take advantage of Curfew to rob Mwingi residents

Mwingi town. Residents are living in fear as robbers take advantage of the curfew. (Photo credit -Courtesy)

Mwingi residents in Kitui County are now living in fear as robbers take advantage of the Government curfew to rob them. Cases of robbery in Mwingi have been on the rise since the president-imposed dusk to dawn curfew.

A man was saved by police officers from being beaten to death by an irate mob after he was found trying to break into a house to steal.

According to Gladys Kitathe who called the police after she saw the man being beaten up by people, robbers have been taking advantage since the curfew started.

“I called the police to save the man for even if he was a thief he deserved to be arrested and not beaten to death, the police should do their work and let Mwingi residents be safe in their houses, ” said Gladys.

Maliti Mwengi a resident urged the police to be responsive as properties have been lost and people have also been subjected to fear.

“Police need to be vigilant as properties are being lost and thieves are armed with knives and pangas ready to cause harm to locals, ” he said.

Speaking to Mauvoo a businessman in Mwingi town Kimanzi Kirere, said he occasionally experiences sleepless nights as he fears his beauty shop could be broken into.

“Some shops are reported to have been broken into and even residents have met with robbers as early as 6pm, ” he said.

The suspected thief who was saved by the police was taken to Mwingi level 4 hospital as he was in a critical condition under police custody.

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