Three tortured and burned in Makueni for failing to attend Family gathering

3 people are receiving treatment at Mbumbuni hospital in Mbooni sub-county of Makueni county.

The three Jackson Wambua, Gideon Ndambuki, and Boniface Masaku are said to have been burnt by relatives after failing to attend a family gathering.

The meeting was at their home in Nduluku village on 2nd January 2023.

“I was at home on Tuesday when a few of my relatives came. They took me to the place they had gathered. They asked me why I haven’t been attending the meetings at home and I explained that I have been busy at work,” said one of the victims.

The victim noted that together with three others they were thrown into the fire where they sustained injuries. Their bodies were also smeared with sisal and pepper.

“After explaining myself my father rose and said I should be thrown into the fire. I was left with serious burns I’m still in the hospital,” he added.

Two of the victims are brothers to Mithumoni Assistant Chief Samuel Nthuka the government official who was present when the incident took place.

“The sub-chief was there and watched as everything happened, burning us while we were stark naked and surprisingly they slaughtered a goat and ate,” said another victim.

The three explained that they were rushed to the hospital after two days and another victim has not been taken for treatment.

The victims are calling for justice to be served and for the perpetrators to be prosecuted.

The area chief refused to address the media concerning the issue.

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