This is the position I want from Ruto – UDA Chair Muthama

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) chairman Johnson Nduya Muthama has revealed the position he wants from President Ruto’s government.

Muthama said that he wants a post that the President appoints without being subjected to any interview. He stated that he has not been in a hurry to scramble for posts with his “sons and daughters” who are now Cabinet Secretaries, and Principal Secretaries because a good father first ensures that the children have eaten before he eats.

Muthama revealed that he wants to be the government’s prefect who will be checking on the progress of Kenya Kwanza elected and appointed leaders and whether they are doing their work as per the Kenya Kwanza manifesto.

“I want God to give me a job that I will work for the benefit of the community without asking for anything. If it were some leaders from Ukambani, they would have first demanded to be given top positions even before their ‘sons’. Despite the fact that I campaigned hard for President Ruto, a good father waits for his children to get something before he gets,” the UDA Chair said.

Muthama made it clear that the posts the Kamba community got are for the benefit of the community and not an individual, he called those who got an opportunity to serve in Kenya’s Kwanza government from Ukambani to help the community.

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“A position that will benefit the whole community is all that I want. I want a seat to go to the parliament, not like an MP but a place where I will be like the government’s prefect who will be following what the Governors, MPs, Principal Secretaries, and Senators belonging to Kenya Kwanza are doing,” Muthama revealed.

He called upon the Kamba community to pray for him as he hopes to get the position from President Ruto.

In June, Muthama disclosed that Ruto had offered him the Interior CS Position but he turned down the offer. Missed the story? check it out below;

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