Thermo guns and face mask shortage hits Kitui schools after reopening


As schools reopened Monday, Kitui primary schools were hit with a shortage of thermo guns and some learners reporting to school without face masks.

Speaking to Mauvoo News, teachers from different schools in Kitui county, revealed that thermo guns are the major challenge since they have to check the temperature of all learners before being permitted to enter a class, so as to control the spread of coronavirus.

“There was a challenge of adequate thermo guns causing delays. so we ask wellwishers, government, and even parents to add more thermo guns to reduce the time taken for checking temperatures,” said Antony Mboya headteacher Unyaa primary school in Kitui central.

Even though 90 percent of pupils returned to school, many schools have a challenge of keeping social distance following inadequate classrooms to accommodate many students.

Mr. Muthui headteacher Mwingi central primary asked the government to intervene and come up with a permanent solution to ensure schools have enough facilities to accommodate all pupils for learning.

“We have a challenge of social distance. we don’t know what to do, because we must follow Covid 19 protocols, yet the government insists we must receive all students,” he said.

In his school, some of the learners’ had no face masks until he connected with the catholic church to donate masks so that they could others to learn.

Mr. Muthui asked leaders to donate even hand washing tanks, saying they do not have enough following the high population of students.

‘You know now is not like before when we had only class 4 and standard 8, like my school, we need over 20 washing tanks,’ he revealed.

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