There will be no Huduma Namba registration extension, Mule warns residents


Residents in Matungulu constituency of Machakos county have been urged to ensure they register for huduma number.Area legislator Stephen Mule on Sunday said that after the 18th May deadline for the registration is over there won’t be any extension.

Mule said that Kenyans should hurry up before the Mass registration ends citing that after the exercise it would be expensive for anyone wishing to register.

“Some people have not registered thinking there will be an extension for the registration.They should be warned that getting registered after may 18 will be costly,”said Mule.

The law maker said that Kenyans will access services easily urging Kenyans to shun claims that the huduma namba is satanic.

Last week President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition Leader Raila Odinga went to China to request for a loan but their efforts bore no fruits. Mule said that China realized that the money given to Kenya is not being used well. He said that the China government knew the money will not be used for the intended purpose.

Mule urged president Uhuru Kenyatta to ensure that graft suspects are brought to book first instead of taking more loans for them to end in people’s pockets.

“Mr.President there is no need for us to have more loans yet we can’t see value for the money because some people pocketed it, first ensure that anyone found culpable is punished accordingly before we proceed to borrow money, “he said.

Mule addressed journalists after attending a service at Jesus Celebration centre in Tala on Sunday.

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