The inspiring story of 2 physically challenged brothers running a business in Machakos

We caught up with James and Nicholas 2 physically challenged brothers doing business in Machakos. (Photo - Hillary/Mauvoo)

James Muthama and Nicholas Mutisya are physically challenged brothers who against all odds chose to start a business with what they had and not to live by begging. Today they run a mini shop and a Mpesa at Machakos town opposite Cooperative bank next to Mulleys Masaa.

During an inclusive interview with Mauvoo News at Machakos mini shop James and Nicholas revealed that disability is not inability.

” I went to school and I did a computer course and accounts after my form four. Am I learned? Yes, I am. Then why should I bother people asking money and other things from them, yet i am able to work for myself.” James said.

James and Nicholas come from Kola-Machakos county. They told Mauvoo News that instead of sitting besides roads begging, they came up with the idea of starting their own business in order to earn a living.

“We started a small business of selling sim cards in a timber kiosk. After some time and gaining something good from the business, we advanced from the timber structured kiosk to a mabati shop.” He said.

The two pointed that they faced theft challenges from their business, whereby items used to be stolen from their mabati kiosk. Despite the challenges, they did not give up. Covid-19 also affected their business. Safaricom branded their business premises later on.

They open the shop at 6 am and close at 5 pm every day. Nicholas went on to say that they don’t encourage any physically challenged person to beg. They revealed they have another brother who is physically challenged but he also works for himself and does not beg.

“Let us not beg. That is not our class, we can even work better than the normal people.” Nicholas said.

“One day, I will be seeking your votes for MCA position,will you elect me or deny me because of my condition? To our fellow physically challenged and those who engage in politics, I say congratulations for proving to others that we can no matter our condition.” He added.

The two asked well-wishers to consider building a house that they could access easily due to their conditions.

“Association for Physically Disabled People in Kenya donated wheelchairs to us and we now call on anyone to help us in any way, we are focusing on expanding our business and we are believers.”

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