The high school you are called to doesn’t matter much – Kathiani Girls top students

Top three students in the released KCSE 2020 results at Kathiani Girls High School. The school had a mean score of 8.1 (Photo Credit-Juline/Mauvoo)

As Form One selection is set to commence end of May after the KCPE results were released last month, most of the students waiting to join form one are anxious to join high schools of their choice. But however, according to the best performer in Kathiani Girls, the school one is admitted to doesnt matter much.

Speaking to Calyn Mueni a former student at Kathiani Girls High School and who scored A (plain) in 2020 KCSE she said that it did not matter what school one chose to be in rather what really mattered is the effort one was going to make to achieve their dreams.

Calyn who comes from the Kayole in Nairobi told Mauvoo News that she wanted to go to Kenya High School but she did not get the grade to get her there and she ended up in Kathiani Girls where she managed to score a good grade that was going to enable her to pursue her dream to become a neurosurgeon.

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“I did my KCPE in Kayole 1 Primary school and scored 381 marks and Kathiani was not my dream school and have realized that it does not matter where you have been called to join form one what matters is what you are going to do to achieve your dreams,” she said.

Her sentiments were echoed by her fellow student, Fridah Mutie who scored an A- of 80 points where she urged the students who were preparing their children to join form one to ensure that they embrace the schools they have been called at even if it is not their dream school.

“I would like to say that it’s not a place that makes people it is people who make a place and so if you are called in a school you did not like go and make the good out of it,” she said.

Kathiani Girls under the leadership of their Chief Principal Damaris Munyao showed a tremendous improvement compared to 2019 wherein KCSE 2020 they got a mean grade of 8.1 with 150 students joining the University.

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