Tala transporters hold demos, accuse Machakos inspectorate officers of harassment and assault

Transporters from Tala who held demos over high cess fees and harassment by Machakos inspectorate officers. (Photo -Juline)

Transporters, mostly truck drivers who ferry quarry products like sand and ballast Monday caused mayhem in Tala town of Matungulu Subcounty over what they termed as harassment from the county inspectorate at Cess collection points.

Addressing the press the lorry drivers alleged that they were being beaten up by inspectorate officers over failure to pay Cess on time. They warned that if the practice continued they would hold demonstrations from Tala to Kangundo.

They lamented that their efforts to report to the county government bore no fruits as the officer was still harassing them.

“Those people arrested me in Machakos and beat me up seriously and before I could even pay the money that I owed them I asked their boss how would they beat someone up for failing to pay cess. What he said is that I forgive them,” One of the transporters narrated.

“We are being harassed by these officers because when they find you have not paid for cess, they take your phone, beat you up, and take the lorry to the sub-county offices. All we ask for is that the county government helps us,” he added.

The transporters also decried high taxes with some saying in a month they pay taxes of up to 100,000.

“Like for ballast we are being charged 2,000 and you only remain with 1000 as profit. The person in that office does not listen, on Saturday my truck was arrested and after begging them I had to pay 27,000.” The driver went on.

Matungulu East MCA Cosmus Ngula asked the inspectorate officers at cess collection points to be patient with the drivers and avoid harassing them noting that if they continue, he will demand transfers of some of them. He also asked the drivers not to run away when stopped by the officers.

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