Tala: Body retrieved from open pit

A Body of a middle-aged man has been retrieved from a construction pit in Tala Town.

Confirming the incident Tala Location Chief Francis Mulinge said that the body was retrieved from the pit that has been open for some time.

He noted that this was not the first time a body had been retrieved from the area and no action has ever been taken by the County Government Of Machakos.

He noted that many times residents of Tala had raised an alarm of the pit to the County Government but their cries landed on deaf ears noting that the pit was posing a great risk to the residents.

“Today I have received a report of a body that had been retrieved from a pit around Tala House and it is sad because some time back we retrieved another body and asked the County Government to fence the area,” said Chief Mulinge.

“To date nothing of the sort has been done, the pit is open and risky. The County Government of Machakos should take action and fence that pit before more lives are lost,” he added.

The Body of the deceased was taken by police to Kangundo Level 4 Morgue for preservation awaiting autopsy.

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