Suspected Foul play after nine-year-old boy found dead in a water tank in Ikutha


Police officers in Ikutha sub-county of Kitui county have begun investigations after a nine-year-old boy was found dead in a water tank.

The incident happened at Kamutei, Ikutha sub-county of Kitui county. The boy had been missing since Friday only for his body to be found in the tank.

The incident was confirmed by Maluma location chief Jackson Kilango who told the press that the mother of the boy left him and went to the market.

On coming back, she did not find the kid and started asking around with the help of the neighbors.

“When I arrived I was told that the boy had been found dead in the tank. We went to the police station and reported the incident,” said the chief.

“The tank is very big and there was no ladder to climb so it’s not clear how the boy got into the tank. The mother said she left him home and went to the market at around 5 pm on Friday but on coming back an hour later only to find him missing. She thought he had gone to graze the animals but the one who was grazing the livestock came back said that he had not seen the boy,” he added.

The chief noted that it’s not clear if the boy killed himself or it was a case of murder.

The body was picked by Ikutha police and taken to Mutomo mortuary for preservation awaiting post moterm.

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