Stand with Kalonzo as you stood with me – Kavindu

Agnes Kavindu at AIC Kasina Mlolongo Sunday. (Photo - Hillary)

Machakos Senator-elect Agnes Kavindu Sunday worshipped at AIC Kasina-Mlolongo, where she thanked the people for electing her as a senator and asked them to stand with Kalonzo as well come 2022.

“I ask you l to stand with Kalonzo Musyoka and show him love as you did unto me. He is able and he can serve this nation well. I will personally go everywhere campaigning for him. Let us stand in unity and show that as a family, we can.” She said.

Kavindu urged the locals not to value money when it comes to electing leaders but to be electing leaders with sense of purpose and a reason.

Addressing the faithful at the church, Kavindu added that she is ready to work with her opponents to make Machakos a better place thanking the church for its role in backing her bid.

“For the first time in the history of Kenya, I have seen the church supporting one of its own. I thank God. I am where i am because of His grace.”added Kavindu.

Kavindu alleged that a large number of voters never participated during the 18th March by-elections because of voter buying.

“I plead with you come 2022 to participate in elections in large numbers. Moreover, I ask you not to value money and forget about why we are choosing leaders. I had no money to give you but you elected me. If a leader is worthy to serve you, elect him or her with or without money. I thank God for I stood her asking you to vote me in as a senator and today I am standing here as a Senator-elect ” Kavindu reiterated.

Mavoko MP who was in attendance too revealed that Mavoko performed lowest in terms of voter turnout during the by-elections asking all to change and improve come 2022 in order to elect leaders in unity.

“Is it that large numbers never participated during the by-elections because it was a weekday? I was worried but kindly next time let’s try to come out in large numbers to vote.” The vocal MP added.

Kavindu added that she’s ready to serve Machakos people in the right direction with no discrimination.

The senator-elect, concluded wishing all class eight and form four candidates the best of luck in their examinations.

“To our candidates, those who are in class eight and form four, may you all receive my sincere success message. Let you not panic and you will make it in Jesus’ name.”

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