Sonko takes on Governor Mutua over the arrest of Kalembe’s Hotel staff

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko at Machakos Thursday. (Credit - Courtesy)

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has taken on Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua over the closure of Macha Beach Club and the arrest of the Hotel’s staff by Machakos County Government officials. The Hotel belongs to Sonko’s ally Kalembe Ndile.

“If kalembe talked bad and this stupid Governor thought that he was offended, he should have gone and arrested Kalembe. I do not condone impunity and corruption in Nairobi.” Sonko said.

“Our need is to bring development to the grassroots. Si kama magavana washenzi kazi yao ni kupeleka pesa kwa kampuni za bibi zao na watoto wao…Si siasa ya kutumia kura yenu kama toilet paper, kama huyu gavana wenu hapa wa Machakos. Ni pumbavu amepungukiwa na akili. Anaabudu masanamu.” Governor Sonko dismissed Mutua.

He announced that he will be supporting people with low incomes to be in leadership come 2022. Sonko further dismissed Tanga Tanga and Kieleweke factions and he called for Kenyans to support the president finish his term successfully.

“Nandi Governor went and uprooted tea. You saw all the leaders there because tea is a protected crop.When the Governor is asked whether he has fulfilled his election pledges he does not answer but moves to arrest staff working at Kalembe’s hotel. We cannot accept precedence to be set. If i talk tomorrow, he will also come, close my houses and arrest my staff.” Makau dismissed the county’s move to close Macha beach hotel.

Makau also told off Mutua that time for dictatorship was over. He asked him to learn from President Uhuru Kenyatta. The Mavoko MP thanked Sonko for accepting to donate food to residents of Athi River that are facing hunger. “Mlolongo is full of Garbage, Athi River as well. Before, he goes to fix Nairobi, let him fix Machakos first before going to Nairobi.”

Kalembe Ndile also dismissed the move by Governor Mutua to close his hotel saying that was expected of him as he chased his wife and children. The Lawyer for Kalembe’s staff Makueni MP Daniel Maanzo said there was no charge sheet and there were no offences presented for the arrested staff.

“People vote for you and you turn against them and you start closing their businesses. He has done wrong to close this businesses. We will work with Kalembe to ensure this staff get justice” Maanzo said.

Simon Mbugua EALA MP said that the Team Wanjiku was focused on defending the rights of Wanjiku. “If you see someone doing away with his wife and taking samantha…even Boda Boda guys cannot leave their women. According to my investigations, he stole Jaguar’s wife.” the legislator alleged.

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