Social distance nightmare: a cross-check at several schools

Learners at Machakos primary in a class after the reopening of schools. (Photo-Juline/Mauvoo)

As schools opened countrywide after closing since the outbreak of Covid -19, many of them have been faced with the challenge of congestion due to lack of extra classes this making social distance directive a night dream.

Speaking to Mauvoo News, Machakos Primary Headteacher Richard Kitheka confirmed that 1917 pupils had reported to the school and he was expecting for more to come back to school this making it difficult for him to apply the social distancing directive in the classes due to congestion.

Kitheka said that even if the Ministry has given them the go-ahead to use trees to observe the distancing rule, it will still be a nightmare given that there are no enough teachers for the pupils.

“The main challenge we are experiencing in the opening of schools is applying social distancing regulation due to the large numbers in the classes and as we speak some classes are crowded and you will find students even sharing desks,” he said.

“Even if we were to take them outside to teach them there, it will still be a nightmare given that we do not have enough teachers so the ministry should just do away with the social distancing regulation or rather build more classes and more teachers,” he added.

A spot check by Mauvoo News in different schools has shown that even though the students are being screened upon entry and wearing face masks as well as handwashing, most of the classes are congested where most principals and headteachers said that taking the students to learn outside would be making them concentrate less as they will be disturbed by the happenings.

Cabinet Secretary for Education Prof. George Magoha gave a directive for all schools to be opened and all students to be accepted back in schools.

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