Kitui pastor busted praying while holding a cat’s head

A pastor from Kitui was caught with a dead cat's head while praying for a woman. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Residents of Kataa village in Kitui west constituency, Kitui County were on Sunday treated to a rare spectacle after a self proclaimed pastor was found praying in someone’s home while holding a dead cat’s head.

The pastor had been invited by the home owners wife to their homestead so as to pray for her at the home.

However, what shocked many is that the pastor arrived while carrying a dead cat’s head which he prayed while holding.

The incident shocked locals who wondered how the pastor would walk around with a dead cat.

According to an eye witness who sought anonymity the woman had sought help from the ‘pastor’ after having some issues for a long time.

“The woman had problems and sought the help of the pastor who came to her house while holding a cat’s head, the husband who was at home called the chief and the assistant who handed him over to the police,” said the witness.

“The guy is not from around. His home area is Ithanga but works at a home in the area, he is around 25 years old,” he added.

The ‘pastor’ is said to have been off late conducting prayers in several homes in the area. The man claimed he was exorcising demons from the said home.

The pastor is held at Ndolos police station awaiting to be charged although it’s not clear what charges will be preffered against him.

As he was being whisked away by police the pastor said that he had done nothing wrong and had came to the house upon invitation to chase away demons.

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