Sheikh Ali of Jamia mosque Machakos speaks on mosques closure and Covid vaccine

Sheikh Anas Ali Abdallah of Jamia Mosque Machakos speaking to Mauvoo News. (Photo -Hillary /Mauvoo)

With the Ramadhan season kicking in, we reached out to Sheikh Ali of Machakos Jamia Mosque. This being the second Ramadhan when mosques are closed.

Sheikh Ali asked president Uhuru Kenyatta to rethink the best solution to this pandemic and re-open mosques and places of worship.

He noted that they will observe covid-19 guidelines given by the ministry of health, saying that even before the pandemic it was their usual practice of washing hands and faces before entering the mosques.

“This will not be a challenge to us for we have been practicing this even before. We wash hands and feet before entering the mosque.”

Ali pointed that for the 30day Ramadhan period, they won’t be in a position of exercising their faith well if the president won’t consider them and reopen the mosques.

“We have been in unity with our president. He always supports us during this period and that is why we kindly ask him to re-open mosques.”Sheikh Ali pleaded.

On the Covid-19 vaccination, Sheikh Ali asked the ministry of health to sensitize Kenyans on the importance of the vaccination, saying that most of the people who haven’t been vaccinated is because of bad social media influence.

“I ask all of us to get vaccinated so that we can help even the ministry of health in curbing the spread of this disease.” Ali urged followers.

“The president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta usually provides some food during this Ramadhan period, for he cares about us, but in Machakos we have a challenge, for like 2years now we haven’t been receiving that food. We are wondering where it goes.”

Sheikh Anas Ali Abdallah concluded by requesting Kenyans to take proper protective precautions given by the ministry of health in order to flatten the covid-19 high curve.

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