Shame On You! Nzioka Waita tells off Muthama for questioning his origin

CCU Party leader and Machakos Gubernatorial aspirant Nzioka Waita has told off UDA Chairman Johnson Muthama for saying that he does not know where Nzioka hails from.

Speaking at a meeting with residents drawn from Kyeleni ward in Matungulu sub-county, Nzioka revealed that Muthama was the one who buried his father and it was unwarranted for him to say that he did not know where he was from.

He further noted that Muthama was his father’s friend all along till his death when he came to his burial at the family home.

“My own uncle from Aiini clan Muthama I respect him but he has wronged this boy(Waita). He is walking around hurling insults at me, he recently said that am from Kasikeu, Muthama was the one who buried my father at Mwanyani,” said Waita.

“I want to tell him, Mzee Shame on you! shame on you Johnson Muthama! You were my father’s friend, you and his agemates buried him. You know where my family comes from and I will not tolerate this because I have been respecting you till now. If you have decided to play with a boy and you have an old tractor we shall go up to the ballot,” added Waita.

Waita promised that he was going to ensure that the Athi River is cleansed and no more sewerage would be dumped there if he is elected the Governor of Machakos county.

“We shall ensure no more sewerage is dumped in Athi River. Our people have the right to access clean water not water that has been polluted, we need to ensure that. If you elect me I will ensure that is possible,” He promised.

Waita was in the company of his running mate Florence Mwangangi, Matungulu MP Aspirant Jimmy Mwithi among other CCU party aspirants.

Last Week, Muthama criticized Waita saying that he doesn’t come from Machakos and he doesn’t know how to speak fluent Kamba. Muthama also mimicked Waita’s accent as seen in the video below;

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