Senators Mutula Junior and Kiio Wambua badly hit at Moses Kuria over remarks at Kabaka burial

Leaders at the burial of Machakos Senator Boniface Kabaka in Masinga. (Photo - Courtesy)

When Gatundu MP Moses Kuria got a chance to speak at Senator Boniface Kabaka’s burial, he asked ex Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to stop complaining and that as the leader of the Kamba community he should take them to Government.

“My friend Sonko, stop wasting time. Take the Kamba community and take them to the Government. If you don’t take them I don’t see who will. I know there is no other leader except Mike Sonko.” Moses Kuria said.

Kuria’s remarks seem to have angered senators of Kitui Enoch Wambua and Makueni’s Mutula Kilonzo Junior who hit back at Kuria for despising Kalonzo.

“My people, time for Kamba’s to be disrespected is over. I want to address my friend and brother here Moses Kuria. For you to stand here and pretend you can lecture my community on leadership. Shame on You. Enda Gatundu and tell the people there. We here will talk about our things.” The Kitui Senator said.

Kiio added that whoever wants Kalonzo should do so with respect calling on Moses Kuria to apologize for saying Sonko was the Ukambani leader.

“This country is ours and we are not going anywhere. Let’s stop the bitterness at Kabaka’s funeral. I am going to tell you and if there is anything you can do it now.” The Makueni senator said.

“People think that this gentleman Kalonzo is supposed to carry bags for people. Shame on you! This gentleman is not going to carry anybody’s bag. The other day you said he sits on tarmac now you want him to hold hands. Moses Kuria you are lucky. If you are where Orengo comes from you would now be at the road with no clothes.” Mutula added.

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