See you in court – Musila decries irregularities in Kitui Gubernatorial polls

Jubilee party Kitui Gubernatorial candidate David Musila has accused Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) of failing to conduct free and fair elections in Kitui.

Speaking after voting at AIC Migwani Primary in Mwingi West, Musila said that he had no agents in various polling stations in Mwingi North and he tried to contact the IEBC officials all in vain.

The former senator also claimed that there were incidences where there were marked ballot papers of the gubernatorial seat in favor of one of his opponents found before the voting started in some polling stations across Kitui County.

“My agents in Mwingi North were denied entry to the polling stations where the IEBC officials are claiming that the classes are small but it’s only my agents who were blocked. This is uncalled for and it is a deliberate thing being made by the Presiding Officer who has instructions from Returning Officer Malonza,” Musila alleged.

The former Senator also claimed that Martin Malonza who is the Returning Officer Mwingi North is known to aid in the rigging of elections across the country and IEBC did a big mess to include him as one of the Returning Officers in Kitui.

“With a lot of due respect, Malonza once helped rig elections in Maragua, Murang’a where there was a lot of chaos, recently he was the person responsible for election malpractice in Machakos during the Senatorial by-election and I saw that. I’m even aware that he met with some candidates and when I told the County Returning Officer he never listened to me. I also told Chebukati that Malonza will bring a mess in Kitui and now the results are evident,” Musila added.

Musila said that they demanded that the Returning Officer be transferred but they never listened to him and thus he fears that the election won’t be fair and there are other places where he got reports of other irregularities.

“We are getting reports that in Kalitini polling station, people found that there were votes already cast even before the polling station was opened and when they asked they were told that they belong to IEBC officials and that’s strange because we don’t know who they voted for before the voting process had not started.” Musila alleged.

“There is also another polling station in Kitui Central I’m told that they found that ballot boxes had votes. I don’t have confidence with the IEBC and we may be forced to follow a long legal process to get Justice,” he claimed.

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