Section of Kitui Nurses Awarded by Beyond Zero

Kitui nurses who participated in the Beyond Zero Awards were privileged to receive awards from the First Lady Margaret Kenyatta who is the pioneer of the Beyond Zero campaign.

The Beyond Zero Secretariat which represented the First lady Margaret Kenyatta recognized the efforts done by the nurses drawn from health centers across Kitui county for their determination and sacrifice to save mothers and babies during delivery.

The awards were aimed to motivate the nurses to continue saving more lives which has reduced the maternal and child deaths in Kitui. Dr. Winnie Kitetu who is the health CECM thanked First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, for the initiative which has contributed to lower cases of deaths during delivery.

“Her excellency has done a lot to ensure that we can improve on the maternal and child health and delivery to reduce on the neonatal deaths and we recognize her efforts together with that of Governor Ngilu who believes that no child should die during birth,” CECM Winnie Kitetu said.

Kitetu also stated that they will continue to urge the mothers and pregnant women to support the beyond zero initiative and accept to deliver at the health centers instead of relying on the traditional midwives.

“Delivering at the maternity health centers, will reduce the risks of deaths and also getting infections that may occur due to the use of unsterilized equipment during delivery. There has been a lot of improvement in delivery services and with the skilled birth attendants, we have improved from 38.6% in 2017 to 72.3% according to 2021 reports. We have also improved in neonatal deaths in 2014 it was 47% and to date, it has gone down to 29%. I would like to thank the nurses working at level one and two health facilities for the difficulties you overcome – nursing is a calling,” Dr. Kitetu added.

The nurses who were awarded speaking to Mauvoo News lauded the First lady for recognizing their efforts and awarding them. They reiterated that they will continue to dedicate their lives to see that they save more lives. They also called upon the First lady to continue with the Beyond Zero Initiative and bring more awards to the health care workers.

“We are happy today for receiving the awards to motivate us. We are people who work under difficult conditions like in a dispensary where you’re alone and someone comes to deliver at night where there is no electricity. When we get this motivation it will help us to dedicate ourselves more and save lives of the babies during delivery and women to ensure that no one loses a life,” Samuel Mutuku a nurse working at Ngomeni dispensary in Mwingi stated.

Madam Makau from Beyond Zero Secretariat was welcomed to award the nurses by Health CECM Dr. Winnie Kitetu alongside County health Director Dr. Allan Owino.

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