School Girls from Mbooni beg government for Sanitary towels

School girls from Mbooni displaying sanitary towels received from an NGO. The girls begged the Government for sanitary pads. (Photo credit - Juline/Mauvoo)

School going girls aged 13-17 years from Mbooni Subcounty in Makueni County have asked the Government to continue supplying them with sanitary towels despite the school’s closure.

The girls spoke after a Non-Governmental Organization in conjunction with County Youth Champion donated free sanitary towels and soap to the girls.

Agnes Mumbua an officer with the organization said that most school girls had been facing a hard time since the wake of the pandemic has they had no access to sanitary towels due to the economic challenges facing many families in the country.

She noted that many leaders and organizations majored mostly in donating foods to the vulnerable and forgot that most of the girls who were going to school were in need of sanitary towels as well as food where she urged the leaders to include the sanitary towels in their donations.

“Since schools closed many girls have been hit hard because they can’t afford sanitary towels as most used to get them from school. We took the initiative to donate the towels to them but we still urge the government to chip in and help most of the girls, ” she said.

She attributed early teenage pregnancies to have been occasioned by high poverty levels in the society saying that according to reports many girls fell pregnant for trading sex for sanitary towels.

One of the girls who had benefited from the initiative pleaded with the government to ensure they start distribution of free sanitary pads during this COVID-19 period saying that many families struggled with putting food on the table and money for sanitary towels is like a dream.

She said that when schools were opened they used to have easy access to pads as they were being distributed in the school but since coronavirus came and schools closed things took another turn.

“In school, we were being issued with sanitary pads and we never used to struggle but since we went home after school closure we have never received any help, we are appealing government to ensure we acquire sanitary pads,” she said.

In 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta signed a law where Sanitary towels were to be distributed for free to school-going girls as many of them were struggling to access the basic need even at-home. The program was supported by the National Government Affirmative Action Fund by Women Representatives in the country.

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