Sanita takes on Kamba Gospel artists in latest song

Kamba Benga artist Sanita has come out guns blazing at a section of Kamba gospel artists over their conduct.

In a new release dubbed Aini Ma Syathi, Sanita is heard quoting several bible verses in the bible that relate to how a gospel artist should handle him or herself from their dressing to their living.

He referred them to how they will get judgment according to the Bible for failing to follow what is written. He mentions the fight that erupted between Masekete and Ndeke ya Muthanga at Ngumbau TV Studios.

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Andu aya niona mena ukora, wia woo ni kukenga ashirika noyu ni pastor mukora, wa Vicky nikie usyaaniwa bible ino mwisoma yiva na ivuku ya Timotheo kilungu 3 yimbia musyaisya wa kanisa aile kwikala ta uu,“goes a part of the song

“Ivuku ya Yelemia 9:33 yikwia vena usililo kwa ala menzawa ithuku, yikwia ndukekathiie na ukumbau kana uthwii kathia Ngai mwene, ndi maskini mukokita, Yelemia ekwia ve usililo, niasyaa maseketo ni weewa naku katingisha ni weewa,” The song goes on.

Recently Kamba Benga artists have been criticizing some Kamba gospel artists over how they have been carrying themselves being called gospel artists.

This has caused a stir with some of the gospel artists telling them to stick to their lane and leave the gospel industry alone.

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