Ruto will win 50 percent of Ukambani votes if elections are held today – Archbishop Ndambuki

A past photo of ABC Archbishop Timothy Ndambuki. (Photo -File)

ABC Archbishop who is also NCCK Chair Timothy Ndambuki now says if elections are held today, William Ruto will win 50 percent of Ukambani votes.

This Ndambuki blames on the never-ending divisions among Ukambani leaders and as a result, he says this has given Ruto some mileage.

“We did a survey with NCCK Lower Eastern and if elections are held today, Ruto will get 50 percent you can accept that or disagree. The balance will be divided among other Ukambani parties.” Ndambuki said.

“And when I say this, people are saying I am bought, I can never be bought by a man.” He added.

The Archbishop also noted that there is a need for a dialogue between all Ukambani parties so as to build consensus and keep aside the differences. Last week, Ndambuki who

“In 2022, we will sit and see which tree has leaves. It is too early for politics and things will change…I will not keep quiet and that is my agenda and that of SEKEB and the Apex, to transform Ukambani and save our people.” He went on.

Ndambuki spoke over the weekend at a fundraiser to build a church sanctuary at ABC Kathese. Last week, Timothy Ndambuki who leads Ukambani leadership forum warned that leaders who don’t join the unity bid of the region will be in a fix.

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