Riverine communities flagged off to visit Thwake dam

The Nairobi Rivers Commission Chair Dr. Pamela Olet led the flagging off of riverine communities for a visit to Thwake dam Makueni county.

Speaking during the flagging-off ceremony held in Nairobi the chair noted that riverine communities are working tirelessly upstream to restore the health and vitality of precious waterways.

“As we gather here to flag off our riverine communities to visit Thwake Dam, it is a profound sense of admiration for the resilience and determination demonstrated by every one of you. Your tireless efforts and unwavering dedication serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for us all. Together, we are embarking on a journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future for our rivers and our communities.” Said Olet

“On this World Water Day, we must commit ourselves to the preservation and restoration of our rivers, not just for our sake but for the sake of our future generations.” She added

She urged people to recognize the pivotal role that riparian zone restoration, waste management practices, sustainable agriculture, community education, and collaborative monitoring play in safeguarding the integrity of Twake Dam and its surrounding watershed.

Pamela further encouraged Kenyans to engage in activities such as tree planting, erosion control, and habitat restoration to riverine communities

“As we work hand in hand, we can ensure that Thwake dam remains a beacon of sustainability and resilience, providing clean water and ecological benefits for all of the people of Makueni County.” Pamela went on.

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