Rigathi takes on Kalonzo, asks other leaders to take over the Region’s leadership

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has hit out at Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka saying he doesn’t understand what type of a person he is.

Speaking during a thanksgiving prayer meeting at Kitui central Primary which was also attended by President Ruto, Rigathi challenged other leaders from the region to get together and bring the region to the government.

“Hatuna shida na mheshimiwa Kalonzo, tunamngoja. It is you that will decide what you want with him because we don’t understand him. We reached out to him but when we did he returned to the Mzee of kuzimia (Raila). When they frustrated him, it is we who defended him. They called him for an interview to ask what is his name, what is his wife’s name. They frustrated him but he still remained there.” Rigathi said.

“The president is now William Ruto, it is up to you Wavinya. We have no problem but We don’t understand him at all. He was frustrated but still remained there, he was told it is the other lady who will bring votes but she failed, Kalonzo brought the votes.” The Deputy President added.

Rigathi claimed that he nearly fell out with Ruto after he gave the Ukambani region 3 ministries despite them failing to bring a lot of votes to Kenya Kwanza.

“We respect him and love him, it is up to you Ukambani leaders to guide him. It is not right for the region and its good people to remain in opposition forever. I asked him(Ruto) why he gave the 3 ministries and told me ‘Kambas love me, it is their leaders who mislead them but I will stay with them until they love me. Even me I now like you people.” He went on.

“Ukambani leaders, this region has serious problems and can’t afford to stay out of government. These are not people who can be in opposition. These people must be in Government. Wavinya, Malombe, and the rest, if Stephen remains with ‘mzee ya kuzimia‘ you can bring Kambas to government. You can do it. Juzi amekuja Mashujaa Day tukafikiri amerudi, jana tulimuona Homabay.. we don’t understand your leader anymore..” He concluded.

President William Ruto also said he tried to convince Kalonzo after August but Kalonzo declined. Missed the story? Check it out below;

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