Residents hold demos over Kitui-Kibwezi road compensation

Residents of Kaveta holding demonstrations over compensation on where the Kibwezi-Kitui road is set to pass. (Photo - Raphael/Mauvoo)

Residents of Kaveta in Kitui Town where the Kitui-Kibwezi road traverses demonstrated Wednesday demanding compensation for their land.

Speaking at Syongela where there was tight security to protect the contractor demolishing their properties to pave way for the Kitui-Kibwezi highway, the irate locals promised not to vacate their ancestral land until the State compensates them fully.

This comes just days after the residents received a 15- day eviction notice from the National Lands Commission requiring them to vacate, to pave way for roadworks which stalled late last year due to compensation issues.

The residents asked Kitui leaders to intervene for them to be compensated first, saying the government through NLC has been slow.

“We are shocked to see the police officers coming house to house and forcing us to quit, where do you want us to go,” Joshua Safari one of the Kaveta residents asked.

The residents claimed they lack money to relocate before the government compensates them.

They blamed Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA) and National land commission (NLC) for the delay since last year, saying they did not receive any evaluation report for compensation of their properties.

“They want to sweep away evidence so that we cannot be compensated fully. In any nation, compensation comes first before the Notice,” said Carolyn Mbula.

In 2018, Mauvoo News highlighted the plight of Locals in Kanzua hills, Mutomo in Kitui county after the Chinese contractor doing the Kibwezi Kitui road in conjunction with local provincial administration failed to honor the promise to pay them for the stones and other road construction materials acquired from their land.

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