Reprieve as Mbooni West and Kathonzweni get new locations

The National Government has announced new Locations in Makueni County. Mbooni West and Kathonzweni got one location each while in Kitise Location three more sub-locations were established.

Matheani, Munathi and Katangini sub-locations in Kitise Location which is in Kathonzweni Sub-County have been established. Kikumbulyu location will also be divided into two to have Kikumbulyu location and Kibwezi location.

Announcing the establishment of the new administrative units, Makueni County Commissioner Mohammed Maalim said, “I would like to tell people of Mbooni West who have been praying for a long time to get Ngaae Location and now the government has heard their cry and granted their wish. I will write to Deputy County Commissioners of Kathonzweni, Kibwezi, and Mbooni West that the recruitment of the people to fill the new positions should start immediately.”

All the people who are qualified for the positions were encouraged to apply.

Positions of Assistant Chiefs in Katangini, Matheani, and Munathi have already been advertised by Kathonzweni Assistant County Commissioner.

“We will accept competition for all those who want to apply for jobs in the new administration positions because we want to get the best people who will serve our people. Leaders are chosen by the people and not an imposed one, “Maalim said.

The new administrative units will ensure that service delivery is made available and closer to all the people even those in remote areas.

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