Reprieve as Kyanzavi Farmers Cooperative Society 800 acres coffee plantation boosted

Francis Kalinzoya chairman Kyanzavi farmers cooperative society with managing director Kahawa bora Wycliff Murai. (Photo credit - Juline)

Coffee farmers from Kyanzavi Farmers Cooperative Society have something to smile about as their 800 acres coffee plantation is set to get a boost.

Speaking after meeting with the society’s leadership, the Managing Director of Kahawa Bora Company which deals with the Maintenance, Processing, and Exporting of Coffee Wycliffe Murai said that they were going to help the society in maintaining the coffee by making sure they do away with the traditional irrigation that has been in use for more than 20 years and replacing it with a modern irrigation system.

“We have had a meeting with the directors of Kyanzavi Cooperative Society to look on how to improve coffee farming in the area and also help them in modernizing their irrigation system which has been in use for over 20 years and now if they have water, the plantation will increase their yield from 70 tonnes to 200 tonnes of coffee for export, ” he said.

Murai stated that Kyanzavi Cooperative Society was the largest Coffee plantation owned by small-scale farmers urging the farmers not to relent in the production and maintenance of the coffee for it was going to benefit the community as well as the farmers and the country at large.

Kyanzavi Farmers Cooperative Society Chairman Francis Kalinzoya on the other side urged police in the area to ensure that they arrest thieves who have been notorious for vandalizing water pipes installed by the society and which are very costly.

“Police should ensure that they visit those thieves who are vandalizing our water pipes are put behind bars and as most of the pipes are being stolen and sold as scrap metals making it a wastage of our property, ” he said.

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