Reprieve as KWS officers finally kill lion that had troubled locals in Kitui south


A lion that had terrorized locals for weeks at Mutomo sub-county in Kitui South was killed by KWS officers at Kitolongweni village in Mathima location.

The lion had been attacking and killing domestic animals, leaving locals with great loss and fear of their lives since it could hunt anytime.

A local Isaa Mutuku Kumonga speaking to Mauvoo news revealed that the KWs officers attacked and killed by shooting,

“They succeeded by trapping the lion using their professional methods and when it came close they shot it dead,” said Kumonga.

On Thursday, Kitui chief Warden officer Joseph Kavi, revealed that the process to trap the stray lion was ongoing, where his officers had set traps in different places to capture it.

He disclosed that the major challenge they were facing was that the lion was hiding inside the bush and the ongoing rains created a disruption to trace its movement.

Kavi added that even though they had set traps in different areas, the lion was escaping, attacking, and killing domesticated animals within Ikutha and Mutha sub-counties and then get back into the bush.

“There are places you cannot attempt to enter even though you have a gun because of the ongoing rains, so it has been attacking animals when the locals are asleep,” he said.

On Wednesday, a resident at Kangungi in Mutha ward sought help from KWs officers after the said lion attacked and killed a cow, 2 goats, and a donkey at Mathima location, Mutomo sub-county.

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