Remorseful Myello releases new song ‘Mawisilo’ featuring wife and son

A screengrab from Myello's new Mawisilo worship song. (Photo - Courtesy)

After a week of controversy, Gospel artist Justus Myello has asked for forgiveness from his fans over his recent utterances in his feud with Musyi FM Presenter Samuel Mutuku alias Kavwele. The singer took to social media to talk about the matter and his new Mawisilo song.

In a Facebook post seen by Mauvoo News, the singer noted that the utterances were as a result of anger and that he acted out of anger promising that such a scenario would never be repeated again.

“Hi everyone, praise Jesus watch out for a new video dropping this evening at 1700 hours. Once again I apologize for the previous post and want to state that I did that in anger but I promise it won’t happen again, thanks in advance for your forgiveness. Let’s soldier on in Christ,” read his post.

In the new Mawisilo song, Myello says he has gone through hard and tough times and that season was going to pass as he was focused on Jesus.

Kiio na methoi, ni utuku lakini kioko ni kutana. Niyumiisye na ndikwa ngoo nye nina yesu ningusinda – tears and sorrow it is night but joy will come in the morning. I am persevering and with christ, I will win.” The song goes on.

Below are some of the reactions to the new Mawisilo release;

Stephen Kasolo said, ” It shall be well brother 🙏. Ngai nimwingi wa Mumo.”

Lydia Tarus said, ” Amen Amen Amen. God will never leave not forsake us. Great worship song. Worship is the primary purpose of our existence. Mungu si Kama sisi . His mercies endure forever. God bless you Myello Family . You are God’s vessel for use in his ministry and you never disappoint. The forces of hell are defeated in Jesus’ name through this worship.”

Jackson Mbwika said, ” MAWISILO… As the heading says tunapita tu ona cyberbullying ila yukilite kukuvua watachanganyikiwa na itakuwa “yaliyopita si ndwele”. I’m your no.1 supporter. I highly recognize what got put in you and FEW know your relationship with God. Don’t despair. # PAPA. “

Catherine Syokau added, “Wow! Hadi nikalia nikiworship. Barikiwa sana. I see myello Junior in the making. Baraka tele!

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